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November Distribution

November 14, 2011

Hello Everyone,
It’s so hard to believe that the year has zoomed by and once again we are closing in on Thanksgiving!!! Jan and I are SO VERY THANKFUL for each and every one of YOU – our faithful volunteers!!! We could not take care of the Food Pantry without you! God has truly blessed us this year…when finances got low, a check would appear in the mail and we would make it through to the next month. This happened time after time so we know that what we are doing is a good thing and He is continuing to carry us through!

We just wanted to remind everyone that our Thanksgiving distribution will be the third Saturday, so that is only a week and a half away. The date will be November 19th from 8:00 until 10:30 with bagging of the groceries being done on Thursday, November 17th starting at 9:00 a.m.

Come help us if you can and if not, we hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!!

Kim McRee 417-6210
Jan Willis 809-1802

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